DSRF – Dr. D. Swaminadhan Research Foundation
JNIAS – Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Advanced Studies 
DONET – Development Organisations Network             
SBS – School of Basic Sciences                                 
CM – Centre for Mathematics                                                   
CP – Centre for Physics                                                                 
CC – Centre for Chemistry                                                           
SLS – School of Life Sciences                                                      
CFM – Centre For Microbiology                       
DBB – Department of Biotechnology and Bioinformatics              
CCR – Centre for Cancer Research                                         
DG – Department of Genetics
CGFBG  - Centre for Genetic Futurology and Bere Genetics 
FET – Faculty of Engineering and Technology
SESc – School of Engineering Science          
CE – Centre for Energy                                                                    
CWR – Centre for Water Resources
BUCARD –Bureau of Consultancy and Research & Development

ALIS - Advanced Library and Information System 
SES – School of Environmental Sciences (SES)
CCC – Centre for Climate Change
DPS- Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
DCE- Department of Civil Engineering
DECE- Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering                                     
SMAT – School for Management & Training
ISCSAIT – International School for Computer Science and   Information Technology
SET – School of Engineering and Technology
CNSAT – Centre for Nano Science and Technology
FHASS – Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
DE – Department of Economics
ISCSRPIR – International School of Contemporary Studies on Religion, Peace and 
International Relations
SVESAR – School of Vedic Studies and Research
ACC – Advanced Computer Centre